Interact with Holistic Health Care Ideas

In 60 – 90 minute sessions, your employees will learn about what creates optimal health. Each topic will include researched knowledge, engaging activities, and an opportunity for planning new actions.

Select from these topics, or identify a different topic you would like to bring into your organization such as reducing inflammation, herbs and spices for health, emotions and health, food and mood, and improving digestion to combat disease.

Click on the topic to see more information about the activities and benefits. Please contact with questions or suggestions.

July 8th, 2010: Sample wellness program enrichment strategies at the Seattle Public Library from 10am to 2pm.

Principles of Wellness

Breathing for Clarity and Ease

Experience Healthy Living

The following experiential activities will lead people to take responsibility for their health. The approaches will be tailored to your situation.

Healthy Cooking

Healthy CookingEating is one of our body’s most basic instincts, we all must eat to survive. Some foods are better for us than others and a vast amount of research is revealing that eating a well-balanced, whole foods diet supports a healthy body, longevity and general well being. It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to prepare meals that our bodies were designed to eat.

Cooking Demonstration and Information


Connecting to Healing Power

Connecting to NatureWe are part of a world that operates according to a plan for nurturing living processes so that there is full and abundant life. It’s possible to connect with and feel a part of this process through a garden activity or finding the spiritual part of our selves.

Garden Experience

Spiritual Way

Whole Person Balance


Healthy and whole people seek new experiences that will bring their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual parts into balance.  This helps them to solve problems more effectively and to make better decisions.

Developing 5 Elements


Mind-Body Awareness

Mind Body AwarenessOur body wants to do what is good for it, but only when it is free of tensions and is able to feel its flow. Qigong increases body awareness and builds the mind-body connection that can be a source of resolving tensions and improving health.

Qigong-6 Sessions

Career Success


When people are happy in their career,  they spread positivity to everyone they touch.  With these activities, your employees will appreciate their strengths and use them more effectively.  They will see worthwhile long range goals and realize that the steps to them involve working in an excellent way on their current job.

Strengths Identification


Building Relationships and Community


Goals set with the support of a partner or a community are achieved at a  higher rate than those set when going it alone.  Online communities and facilitation make it possible for everyone to benefit from the support of others.

Goal Setting in the Community

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