Our Personal Stories About Health Consciousness

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One of the purposes of this blog is to present examples and stories of how people have been motivated to adopt healthy actions using the principle of engaging the whole person.  My own road towards more health conscious living provides an example.

I had read and heard over a period of 4 or 5 years that it’s important to read labels on foods before purchasing, but I had not changed my actions.  Then a series of actions drove the point home.

I participated in a cooking activity in which I tasted herbs and spices, and then put the ones I liked into a stir-fry. In addition, I needed to monitor the amount of fat that I ate to change a test result.  I listened to my body in a way that enabled me to distinguish the difference in how I felt when in a meal was high in fat versus when it was low.

Now I read labels.  It’s fun.  I look for ingredients that add variety.  The motivation came from a series of experiences.

Could you share a story in the comments section about how you adopted a more healthy action?

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