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Our Personal Stories About Health Consciousness

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One of the purposes of this blog is to present examples and stories of how people have been motivated to adopt healthy actions using the principle of engaging the whole person.  My own road towards more health conscious living provides an example. I had read and heard over a period of 4 or 5 years […]

Engaging to Motivate

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Most activities intended to motivate individuals towards more healthy living present and preach. For example, they explain that it’s important to exercise every day, and present research findings supporting the idea. They may give examples. There is engagement only through words and logic. Listeners are not engaged through questions, actions and feelings. Not surprisingly, these […]

Deciding to Be Healthy

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Sometimes change to better health comes with an abrupt decision to act in a different way.  More often the best way  to become a healthy person is not to make a sudden change.  It’s to gradually begin to do healthy things. Everyone can think of a person who woke up with an enlightened feeling, and […]